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Statistics reveal that over 1/3 of business failures in the U.S. happen because of poor financial management. That's terrible! You don't have to be part of such group. Our goal is to build a financially intelligent community in Miami, FL.

We are currently offering workshops, and recurrent meetups at Venture Café Miami. We will be covering topics such as:

Entrepreneurial Finance | Financial Intelligence | Business Intelligence | Data Analytics | Financial Management | Funding Options 



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The Team

 Julio Canas

Julio C. Cañas

Finance geek passionate about numbers, financial intelligence, and design.

 Eduardo Senior

Eduardo Senior

Pragmatic economist with a knack for research and behavioral finance.

 Natasha Garcia

Natasha Garcia

Corporate finance heroine with a keen eye for detail.

 Eduardoluis Manchego

Eduardoluis M.

Creative Director who believes in the power of numbers and the stories they can tell.

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